Terms of cooperation

We use several different methods of payment by clients for services rendered for them, depending on the nature of the case.

In the case of  one-time legal ad vice, remuneration is agreed with each client – taking into account its individual circumstances and the complexity of the case.

In  the case demanding workload that can not be clearly defined at the time of taking orders  from clients we prefer to determine the hourly rate. In the case of adoption of this method of payment for the implementation of legal services, the invoice will be accompanied by a detailed specification of the actions performed.

In the case of  matters involving the exercise of functions of a representative before law enforcement agencies , the amount payable for this service is  determined based on the rates specified in  the Regulation of the Minister of Justice on the fees for legal advisers.

In the case we act as legal representative of the client being a plaintiff in of the case, especially in matters of insurance, it is possible to determine that the client at the time of concluding the contract pays only a part of remuneration. The payment of the outstanding balance is made by the client after settling the case and enforce the other party awarded the costs of legal representation.

In the case  of permanent legal services rendered for companies  the remuneration is usually determined in a lump sum. Its amount is agreed with the client, taking into account several factors, such as the size of the company, its business profile, range of legal services and the expected number of cases.